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February 23, 2010

Dog Care Sheet

golden-fuzzieWeight–Anywhere from 2 to 200+ lbs. depending on the breed. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed, while mastiffs are the biggest.

Height–From 6 to 36 inches at the shoulders.

Life Span–The average life span of a dog is 8-12 years, although some breeds may live as few as 5 years (example–great danes) to as long as 20 (chihuahuas). These are simply the averages; the actual life span of a dog depends on genetics, health, and breed.


Pros–Dogs tend to be playful, clean, affectionate, silly, loyal, sweet, smart, trainable, fun, adventurous, and versatile companions. Only one phrase can fully describe how great of a pet a dog can be: dogs are man’s (or women’s) best friend.

Cons–Dogs can be smelly, need a lot of care, can destroy things if you leave them alone or if they’re puppies, they can be expensive, loud, and need a lot of time and training.

Care Level–8/10–Dogs need a lot of daily care. Every day, you have to feed them, let them out to go to the bathroom, clean their dishes, give them water, play with them, train them, and walk them. When they’re puppies, they need even more care. But the benefits and joy that come out of dog ownership far outweigh the slight inconveniences. A dog will be a loyal and true friend to you, so they’re worth the extra care.

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