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How to Remove a Tick


I haven’t seen many ticks in my life, and had never removed one from anybody or any animal prior to a few months ago. But when my dog, Spud had a tick on him, I had to find a good way to remove it. I used the method below and got the tick out in tact and without even making Spud flinch. Now, it could be harder, or easier, for you to do it. This seems to be the way that most places online say to remove them.


Toilet Paper/Napkin/Tissue
Soap and Water
Rubber/Latex/Nitrile Gloves (optional)
Soap and Water

Step One:

Step One

Clear the fur away from the tick so you can get a clear view of it. Use your less dominent hand to do this.

Step Two

While holding the fur down, grab the tick in the tweezers firmly but not too hard. Avoid grabbing your pet’s fur with the tweezers. Try to grab the tick as close to the pet’s skin (without grabbing the skin) as possible. This will make it easier to remove the tick. Pull gently but firmly. It may be hard to remove the tick. Ticks can really be stuck in your pet, so it may take a moment of pullign this way before the tick slides out.

Step 3:

Step Three

Hold the tick in the tweezers firmly. It may begin to move, but keep it captured in the tweezers. Take it to the bathroom and with your spare hand take the tissue/toilet paper/napkin in the hand that is not holding the tick.

Step 4:

Step Four

Put the tissue over the end of the tweezers and clamp your fingers around the toilet paper (or whatever you used). Remove the tweezers, and if you did it right, the tick will now be in the tissue.

Step 5:

Step Five

Hold the tick tightly in the tissue and throw it in the toilet. Flush it down the toilet. If you used gloves, remove them and dispose of them. Whether you used gloves or not, wash your hands really well with soap and warm water.

Step 6:

Step Six

There may be a small and irritaed/bleeding mark left on your pet. Take some antibacterial cream like Neosporin and put it on a cotton swab. Use the cotton swab to apply the cream to your pet. This can help prevent infection. Don’t let your pet lick the antibacterial cream because it could poision your pet.

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