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Spud the Basset Hound

Spud the Basset Hound

This is one of my two dogs, Spud. We got him from a breeder in January 2004. What happened was he was the last puppy in his litter left, and he looked like our deceased basset hound Potato. So, we named this one a similar name and raised him along with his half sister, Sugar!
Full Name: Spud
Current Age (as of Feb 25, 2009): 6 years old
Adoption Date: January 2004
Birth Date: December 1, 2003
Breed: Pure Bred Basset Hound
Colors: Mahogany and White
Favorite Colors: Brown and Green
Hobbies: Sleeping, Sleeping Some More, Laying Outside, Eating
Favorite Foods: Chicken and Rice
Spud’s Tricks: Sit, high 5, shake paws, sit up, dance, lay down, lay down high five, sit up and high five

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