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Sugar the Basset Hound

Sugar Lying in the Sun

This is Sugar and she is our 6 year old basset hound! A few years after the death of our previous basset hound, named Potato, we were ready for a new one. So, we contacted some breeders and they emailed us some pictures of their basset hound puppies. We fell in love with Sugar, and her half brother Spud. Sugar is very affectionate and people-oriented.

Full Name: Sugar
Current Age (as of February 2009): 6 years old
Adoption Date: January 2004
Birth Date: December 14, 2003
Breed: Pure Bred Basset Hound
Color: Mahogany and White
Hobbies: Eating, Sleeping, Sleeping Some More, Laying Outside, Doing Tricks
Personality: Laid back, loving, sweet, and fairly eager to please
Favorite Foods: Chicken and Rice
Sugar’s Tricks: Sit, high 5, shake paws, sit up, dance, lay down, lay down and high five, and sit up.

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