Info About Pets

March 24, 2010

Pet Care Tip of the Day

If your dog has fleas, try making home made flea repellant instead of using the commercial flea sprays and powders. Once, I bought flea powder for my dogs at the pet store. Before applying it to them, I read the back of the container to see how much to put on them. What I read was shocking–it said that if you get this stuff on your skin, you need to wash your hands for 15 minutes! Now, there are several factors to consider here. 1–it said you needed to sprinkle this stuff on your carpet. If it’s on your carpet, how are you going to avoid getting it on you? 2–If you’re like most people, petting your dog or cat is relaxing and enjoyable. If you applied this powder to your pet, you would never be able to pet it. 3–If you shouldn’t get it on your skin because it’s toxic, what about your pet? Not only is it going to sit on your pet’s skin for an extended length of time, but your pet is going to ingest it while grooming! Natural flea killers and repellants won’t harm your pet and are perfectly safe for treating your yard and your home.

One recipe I’ve used for flea killer is take a lemon and quarter it. Boil it in a pint of water and let it sit for a few hours. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spritz your pet and your carpeting. Of course, avoid getting this in your pet’s eyes.

Another good way to keep fleas off your dog is to feed them a little bit of brewer’s yeast or brewer’s yeast tablets. Some dog vitamins and supplements include brewer’s yeast. Products designed for dogs are the best to give your dog. Follow the directions on the package and you should see a dramatic decrease in your dog’s flea population.

Another great way to help keep up with fleas is to vacuum several times a week minimum and to brush your pet with a Flea Comb daily.