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Boston Terriers

Boston terriers weigh 10-25 lbs fully grown and are 15-17 inches tall at their shoulders.

Boston terriers are intelligent, alert, playful, affectionate, good natured, eager, gentle, and easy to train. They are friendly around strangers and are good with children. They also get along with other pets quite well, so they may not be as inclined to chasing your cat as some breeds.

Boston terrier are fairly healthy dogs, with their average life span being between 13 to 15 years on average. They are prone to snoring and wheezing because of their short noses, and can overheat more easily because of this. Boston terriers are also prone to eye problems such as glaucoma and dry eye. Some other problems they can develop are skin and heart tumors, deafness, and patellar luxation. When they have puppies, they may need a cesarean section because of their narrow pelvises. They usually have between three and four puppies.

They need a long play session and a walk every day to keep them in good shape.

Boston terriers should be brushed once a week. They don’t have a lot of body smell and shed an average amount.

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