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Feeding Your Betta


Before I learned about healthy fish feeding, I had several bettas. They never lived a year, which is short of the average 2-3 year lifespan of a betta. So, I realized something was wrong with the foods they were eating. When I looked at the ingredients of what I was feeding them, I realized why they were not healthy. The regular betta food that I was feeding them had chemicals that I found out were unhealthy and toxic. At the time when I learned this, it was after I had two bettas. I wanted to get another betta, and decided that from day one I would feed it healthy foods, like freeze died brine shrimp and bloodworms, supplemented with veggies.

I got my fish Midnight on August 8, 2008. He lived over a year with me, until he finally succumbed to a fin rot infection caused by old age. Through his life, he never had problems with with infections such as bubble eye, unlike other fish that ate the unhealthy food did.

Feeding Tips

Feed your betta one to two times a day. Only feed it as much as it will eat in about five minutes. Put what you think would be a good amount in there, and whatever it eats, estimate how much food that was, and put that amount in there next time. Avoid overfeeding, as this can cause them to have swim bladder problems and pollute their water.

Some good foods for bettas are:
Dried Bloodworms
Dried Brine Shrimp
Small pieces of green beans, peas, lettuce, or other similar vegetables. No fruit, starchy veggies, or legumes.

This is a photo of freeze dried brine shrimp.

These are just my observations and are not facts. Feeding your fish healthy foods may help it live longer, but genetics and other factors can determine your betta’s life span.

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